Hello friends!          June 2017

Gosh, I can't believe it's JUNE already!  This year is truly flying by. I've been touring A LOT with CC and the gang so far this year and it's not slowing down anytime soon it seems!  We are getting ready to leave in about two weeks for a European tour, then in August-Sept, we will be hitting several cities in South America and Australia! It's an exciting and busy time and I appreciate all your prayers for safe travels and especially for ENERGY.  Dang, it's hard to stay healthy and energetic sometimes with all the travel, but I'm enjoying it all while I can.

Anyway, as many of you know, I've also been busy making my new CD, which I can finally announce is coming out on I-tunes June 16th!  It's called "Abba's Child" and you can read the story behind the making of this album if you hit the "Abba's Child" tab in the bar menu at the top of this page.  Also, if you hover off the "Abba's Child - The New CD" tab, you'll see a dropdown menu with each song where I'll be posting more stories, detailing the stories behind each individual song slowly throughout the summer.  I hope you enjoy getting in on how and why each song came to be included on this record.  It was definitely a labor of LOVE as you will hear.  I can't wait for you all to join in on this journey with me!

Also, I have a BRAND NEW SONG that I co-wrote with the legendary Christopher Cross that released recently on I-tunes and all other online music stores and streaming services called "Second Wind".  Please check my blog for the story behind the song as well as the lyrics.  I hope you all will download it and enjoy this song that is so special to me, because it is the reason I got back into writing and recording, after a long hiatus. 

Annnnnd.... as many of you know, Reba McEntire has a new double CD that was released on Feb. 3rd and one of my songs, “God and My Girlfriends” is on it!  I wrote “GAMG” with my friends Lisa Hentrich and Patricia Conroy and we immediately felt like it was perfect for Reba and pitched it to her.  Apparently she loved it too, because she quickly put it on “hold”.  Well…that was 8 years ago!   LoL   So yeah, Reba took her time, but in her own time (or maybe in God’s perfect time!), she finally recorded the song and did a beautiful job!  We are happy and very proud to have this song finally coming out!  Although the song isn't a "single" (yet, she hopefully types!), there is a hashtag #GodAndMyGirlfriends, with women all over the country posting pictures and videos on social media with their girlfriends.  Some of them made me cry!  It’s so sweet y’all!  Truly!  I love that the song is empowering women to bond together, because THAT is a beautiful thing!  Ya’ll go download the CD!  


In other news, the PBS special, “Christopher Cross and friends”, which features the CC band, Michael McDonald, Mike Love and Eric Johnson has started airing all over the country. Ya’ll keep your eyes peeled on your local PBS station for air times.  We are super proud of how it turned out and can’t wait for everyone to see it!  

In JULY I'll be back with my Home By Dark FRAMILY (that's friends that have become family!) for TWO BIG NIGHTS, July 28th and 29th at Chukkar Farms and Polo Club!  For tickets and info about those shows: www.homebydark.com  If you live in the Atlanta area and haven't been to a Home By Dark show, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE MISSING!  They are always special evenings, so ya'll get your tickets NOW and join us! 

That’s about it for now.  I truly hope to see some of you at upcoming shows.  That is one great thing about doing so much travel is getting to run into old friends and meet new ones!  

Ya’ll be good to each other and check my blog now and then for more updates!

 Love, Peace and Blessings,






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