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                                                   August 11th, 2014


This summer has FLOWN by.... it's been sweet watching all my friends post pics of their kids in their "back to school" outfits.  This is the first fall in 25 years that I haven't had a child starting school and it feels weird.  And kind of sad.  All my babies are grown now. Sigh....Hopefully one day I might have a grandkid or two to love on, but until then, I guess I'll just have to accept that I'm FREE!  I'm FREE!  (Oops.. did I say that out loud?  Sorry kids!  Love you all... really!)

So... living in my newfound freedom, I've been traveling like crazy this year.  Still enjoying shows with the wonderful Mr. Christopher Cross.  We just got back from Mexico City.  The people there were SO lovely.  I had no idea Mexico CIty was the 3rd largest city in the world.  WHOA.  You could tell flying in that it was HUGE.    CC and I did a song in Spanish while there and I was a NERVOUS WRECK!!  LoL   Someone posted it on youtube.  (Just pretend like you can't notice I'm reading the lyrics right in front of me please!)


We also spent some time in Michigan back in July, celebrating my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary.  We had a big party in their barn (that is apparently a common thing in that area!) and they had a sweet "vow renewal" ceremony.  Mike and I wrote a song for them that we sang during the ceremony called "A Beautiful Thing"... I just added it here on my "Music Player" (left hand column on this page) so you can hear it if you'd like.  We are lucky to have such a great example of committed love for us to look up to.  THANK YOU JAN AND RON WALDRON!!  

Coming UP.... I'm heading down to Birmingham, AL with my buddies, Kim Parent and Rob Harris for a show at WORKPLAY.  We played this venue back in the spring and loved it.... we convinced my talented husband, Mike Waldron to join us on stage this time so if you live in the Birmingham area... please come join us for a lovely evening at a very cool venue!  


I'll also be doing a couple of shows with Christopher Cross later this month in Toronto, CAN, on Aug. 19th and Englewood, NJ on Aug. 20th.  Please check www.christophercross.com  for all the info on his shows this year.  He puts on an AMAZING show, so if you see us in your area, make plans to join us!  

Don't forget to check my blog now and then for more updates:  www.marciaramirez.blogspot.com

Love to you all.... enjoy this last bit of summer! 


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