February 2014


Gosh... I had a CR-AZY January, filled with new adventures, good friends, great music... and a broken foot.  


Yep... started the month off tripping over my dog and fracturing my foot.  Mind you, this was the night before I was scheduled to be on the set of the hit tv show "Nashville" for a 14 hr day of taping!  Needless to say, I was lucky they didn't show my feet in any of the shots, since I've been wearing nothing but Uggs and/or an air boot since then.  


Lovely look, right?  :-)


Anyway, armed with my fashionable footwear and a crutch, I taped a few scenes as part of Deacon's band (look for me in a couple of the Bluebird scenes on the episode "Too far gone", original airdate Feb. 5th.)   




After my acting debut, I headed down south to the Caribbean, where I got to perform with the AMAZING Miss Patty Loveless on the 2014 Holland American Country Music Cruise.   It was wonderful to get to hear that lady SING again.... plus a little warm weather was a nice break from the January cold.    


My friends Ellen and Monica were on the cruise too, we got a little "sista hang time".. and they sweetly helped me manuver that big ship with crutches... which wasn't easy at times!  


Next stop.... CALIFORNIA.....


I got off the cruise ship in San Juan, and flew out to LA to do 2 shows with my new "boss", the AWESOME Christopher Cross.  I swear, I am having a ball singing with this man.  Most of you know his earlier music (the original album, which has the mega-hits "Ride Like the Wind" and "Sailing" won CC 5 Grammy's in 1980), but he has made several other records in the last few years and they are each unique and wonderful.  This man has a way with a melody that makes my heart flutter.  So yeah... I'm digging the new job.  :-)  


While we were out in California, I got to visit old and new friends (Thanks for the great lunch on the ocean, Kerry and Kimberly!).... hang out in Stephen Bray's studio in LA (He's responsible for all the HUGE early Madonna recordings), watch a bgv session go down in SWAHILI, do 2 amazing shows with CC, and meet Michael McDonald and his wonderful wife Amy.   Michael actually joined us on stage in Santa Ynez to sing "Ride Like the Wind" and I felt like I was living a dream on stage with CC and MM at the same time.  PINCH ME PLEASE.  


Kim Parent, Chazz Frichtel, Michael McDonald, and MOI after our show in Santa Ynez, CA


Feb is proving to be a busy month so far as well.  We are currently on a 6 day run with CC... doing shows in Johnstown, CO - Houston, TX - Midland, TX - and Rochester, WA.   We also have a "Twelve Against Nature" show this month on Feb. 28th in Nashville... so come get your "Dan" on and come see us!   


One more thing....If this post sounds like I'm bragging... I'm NOT.  I am acutely aware that I am blessed.  2013 was HARD for me... for many, many reasons. So it's nice to have fun and enjoy life again.   I definitely learned alot in 2013 and as hard as it was, I'm truly grateful for the difficult times because I learned SO much.  God is good.  He is always good... even when things aren't going so easily.  So if you are struggling right now through a difficult season, HOLD ON.  The darkness doesn't last.  And if you are having trouble finding HOPE right now.... this book might help:  "Let Hope In" by Pete Wilson.    Hope changes everything.



Life is a journey with crazy twists and turns.... thank you all for being a part of my journey!

Love.... M



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